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About Us

Ankawiser is a digital software company that provides technology services to help and establish strong and profitable relationships with its customers.
Our innovative, dynamic and expert team believes in the importance of protecting the values of the brands it represents and feeling a sense of belonging to that brand. This understanding has made our agency a permanent and long-term service partner of the companies we work with.


  • Solution-based
  • If you have such problems, we eliminate the concept of overtime. Our aim is the solve your problems.

  • Well-qualified Team
  • We are a qualified team that is trained in all the products and solutions you need, by the big brands that constantly improve themselves, in their own products and solutions.

  • Innovative Company
  • While there are revolutionary changes in corporate information solutions, we strive to serve you better and produce solutions by keeping up with the developing technologies.

  • Corporate Oriented
  • We know the institutions, we know the problems they experience. We produce corporate solutions and organize your ways of doing business with informatics.


Web-based development of applications for your demands and needs means easing your workload, pacifying additional works such as maintenance and updating, and accordingly reducing your costs significantly.
Having a mobile app sets you apart from your competitors and is a well-known brand in the minds of customers. By sending push notifications, you can inform and connect with your customers about your products and services.
Project Management Applications
By transferring the management of your projects to the digital environment, we analyze all the steps, documents and reports together with you, from the beginning to the end of the project, and develop the most suitable application for you.

Technology Stack

Our team can assist you in transforming your business through latest tech capabilities to stay ahead of the curve.

Development Process


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